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 We apologize for not keeping current with our blog in the Fall of 2010. Unfortunately, we had some devastated news that Nora had inoperable terminal lung cancer. We have been engaged in a battle to prolong her life since , a battle I am sorry to say, we will not be able to win.
  As has been our theme throughout life , we endeavor to promote life. This book, and the attention given to it , has evolved out of our sincere hopes that our children, as well as those who read it, will strive to make this world we live in a more hospitable place to reside. We firmly believe that utilizing the companion planting process is by far the most natural compliment to growing food that nature intended.
  Using heirloom seeds, as they were intended, insures the integrity of the species, as well as maintaining the availability that God has given man , not some corporate megalomaniacs , that want to dominate man to his own injury.
  This text is for those who want a concise form on information, without having to pour over volumes of websites, and text books. We have already done this. We have successfully applied the information, and are more than satisfied with the results, we hope you are too.

 In a world that increasingly will demand that we strive to help each other , this is our gift to you, we hope that you will derive some benefit from it. May God Bless , and keep you safe.

Raul & Nora Rodriguez

Build a Victory Garden

Victory Garden, Recovery Garden, Survival Garden, Edible Garden, as well as Organic garden, this book covers all aspects of determining what works best for the beginning gardener, as well as the every day casual gardener. Written in simple terms, to provide valuable  information in determining what will work best for you when considering planting any type of vegetable garden.

With the impending problems of climate change, depression/recession economics, and the quality of produce that is increasingly becoming a suspicious liability. We foresaw the need for a up to date version of “Victory Garden“ planting, this book compiles not only knowledge of our original perspective of this application, but goes further into detail on present day knowledge that may enhance the productivity of present day gardens. This e-book is specifically designed to download, and condensed for easy print out, so owners will have a readily accessible reference.
( basically an all in one; organic/survival garden handbook)

We have not just written about it, we have planted it and it works, much to our surprise it works fabulously. No pesticides, beautiful organic delicious vegetables, and herbs for delightful meals with safe clean taste. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

 Inside the contents of this book, you will receive information determining location, size, soil evaluation, composting, seed selection, planting times, companion planting, succession planting, and crop rotation, as well as all the input you will need on preserving and canning the bounty of the garden. These are just a few of the topics that are addressed in easy to understand terminology.

This small book will provide an easy reference for all you’re planting techniques, as well as providing quality applications with proven results.  It is our hope that this book will become an invaluable solution to the present day problems that confront us and our children. Hopefully we can become better stewards of the precious planet that we are living upon. 

Build a Victory Garden

E-book: $1.00

Paperback: $13.99

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